About the Creative Director & Founder

Connor Donahue began sewing at the age of 6. With an undying passion for innovation, technology, luxury, and style he trained working hand in hand for years by his grandmother Lorraine. Carefully learning by the hands of a meticulous expert tailor, Connor soon discovered he could make a beautiful mark on this world through his designs. His sketches quickly came to fruition. Connor then began pushing the limits of exotic materials, especially that which of leather. Quickly accelerating through designs and experimenting the brand was born. This high-end luxury brand channels all that is close to Connor Donahue’s heart. It thrives off of glamour and authenticity through all areas of its reaches. The brand represents strength and prosperity through its high quality and attention to detail, and flaunts sheer celebrity. The theory behind the logo of Connor Donahue, is the story of Bellerophon and Pegasus. This is a story found in ancient Greek mythology representing the equilibrium between balance, strength, beauty, and proportion, as a true inspiration. It inspires the channeling and birth of not only eye catching, but magnificent designs. The theory is always kept in mind in the mad-magical and fabulous World of Atelier Connor Donahue.